Switching multiple inputs to single HDMI output


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Hi there, I have been trawling the web and the AVForums to try and find the answer, but most of the related posts are now quite dated and don't answer my question completely. Hopefully there is now technology out there which will help me out.

I currently have a few devices plugged directly into my TV -

XBOX 360 Elite (HDMI)
DVD Player (SCART)

Unfortunately due to varying cable lengths, all the devices have to be located nearby the TV.

What I am looking to do is have an switch box that accepts the above connection as inputs, but has only 1 output (HDMI). This will then allow me to have all devices on a rack in the corner of the room, with one longer cable going to the TV. I also want to be able to switch between the different inputs.

I've seen this device (linked below) which looks as though it will do what I want

CM-393, Convert Multiple Scarts, Cv & SV to HDMI

Does anyone have an better suggestions or experience with any other devices


Joe Fernand

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Hello Richard

The real question is how well does any external Analogue to Digital video converter for SCART to HDMI fare against the internal processing within your TV!!!

The truth is most low cost solutions will produce an inferior image vs. what your currently seeing with the direct SCART connection to your TV (presumably/hopefully your SCART source and TV are set to RGB!).

A decent quality Video Processor will likely produce a superior image to what your currently viewing but those don't come cheap - the DVDO Edge is around 800.00 GBP; Anchor Bay

You may find a DVDO VP20, VP30 or VP50 second hand for decent money (Anchor Bay » Products » Discontinued) - with all of the DVDO units you also need to factor in the cost of SCART to 4RCA adapter cables.

Have you considered simply running a long SCART cable alongside the long HDMI cable - you can cascade the DVD player through the SKY box so you only require 1 x SCART cable.


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