Switching from PS4 to PS4 Pro HDD data?


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I have almost given up waiting/trying to get a PS5 so i decided to change over from a PS4 to a PS4 PRO (cuh-7216b) since my Fat PS4 is getting louder and louder even after a complete teardown/clean and new thermal paste.

I have tried searching but i am still not sure on the best/quickest way to transfer everything i have on my Fat PS4 to the PRO. I have a 2tb HDD which is just about full in the Fat PS4 which i would like to have in the PRO if possible but since the PRO only has a 1TB HDD i can't just do a straight transfer from old console to new. I also have a 3TB external HDD which has about 500Gb free space left on it.

The internal 2TB HDD is full with my disc games data and the 3TB external HDD has some disc game data and all of my digital downloaded games from the PS Store.

So how do i go about transferring over the HDD onto my PRO?
Will my external HDD be able to just plug straight into the PRO and the games will recognize on the console?
I currently don't have PS Plus so i can't use the cloud for backups. Do i just do a backup/restore from the PS4 with the game saves/profiles on a spare USB Stick/HDD then chance the internal HDD's over and load all of my disc games onto the PRO manually?

I don't want to just jump in and end up losing all of my data or taking literally days to transfer from one console to another so i would be most grateful if someone could steer me in the right direction before i continue.



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Never mind, all sorted now.

I ended up spending hours yesterday transferring files around to get my 2TB drive into my PS4 PRO. It was a ball ache but needed to be done to keep all of my games on my new system.

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