Switching brands: Hitachi -> Pioneer, Yamaha, Panasonic Samsung

Discussion in 'Panasonic TVs Forum' started by kheldar, Sep 3, 2004.

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    Had the buzzing PSU problem with my Hitachi 42PD5300.
    Finally got my screen back from repair. It took 9 weeks, they had to wait for a part to come over by boat :boring: . And guess what ... the buzzing is still there :eek: ... just like before.I called my dealer, probably I can bring it back and go for another one.

    I am definitivly going for another brand because all the other hitachis I have seen in demo later on in other shops had all a slight buzz which was much much louder (could be heard from 7-8 ft away with just conversation) compared to other screens. I am now looking around, again gathering information. I am looking for a screen with external media-box, because I want to put the wires into the wall once the screen is wall-mounted.

    Pioneer PDP-435HDE (new model, don't know if already available). Only drawback is that this screen is more expensive than what I have now. Ok it has more features newer technology etc etc and also this HDMI. Is this HDMI-feature worth it?

    Another option is the Yamaha PDM-4210 which is as far as I know the same panel as the Hitachi I own. But it has no external box. Anyone knows the Yamaha has also the buzz-sickness?

    Panasonic and Samsung: I am still exploring and comparing them, any useful inputs from your side here?


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    i think you will have noticed a lot of threads for the samsung V/S/D and the various Pannies.

    I think there are cost and PQ pros and cons between the two.

    All depends on what you class as your priorities and go from there.

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