Switching between Freesat HD, Freesky and Freeview by aerial


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A couple of years ago both my analogue TVs failed within a few months. As reception was poor I had a new aerial installed in the loft and a Sky Dish was fitted some distance away to get sight of the satellite and had to be cabled underground. It was wired for Sky Plus in case I ever upgraded! Freeview via aeriel not yet on our local relay
The main television became a Samsung LE32R73BD (which has freeview when it arrives) with a basic Thomson Skybox DSI 4212 with free card attached and a Bush DVD and VCR recorder DVHRS02.

The second room had an analogue Bush with video combi with DVD attached. This is connected via a magic eye to the main room.

There is a Remote-link distribution Amp A240D in the loft connecting them as both rooms are not close together.

I want to replace the Samsung (and use it to replace the Bush) and hoped to receive freesat HD via a new set with a Humax HD freesat PVR or similar.

The Samsung would then just get Freeview via the ariel.

However my OH now wants to keep freesat from sky as there will be only about 16 channels from Freeview on the local relay!!!

To keep both would it involve running another underground cable to the dish which is a no no on cost grounds or is there anyway that two rooms can be easily switched between 1) freesat from sky, 2) freeview via dish and 3)freeview via aerial using the existing aeriel and dish setup. I realise only one of the first two could be being received at one time.

Any ideas would be very welcome!


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A Humax HD Freesat PVR will give you almost all of the channels that an old Thomson standard Sky box with Freesatfromsky card would - plus high definition ones, and the ability to record one while watching another. So, from that point of view, why would you or your wife ever consider watching the old Sky box?

This means that the old Sky box can be discarded - so you are now down to Freeview or Freesat. Freeview is built into your telly and comes from your TV aerial, Freesat is received via a PVR connected to your satellite dish, and is connected to your TV via HDMI.

You don't have to disconnect one to receive the other.

I suppose there is a case for being able to watch the Sky box if the Freesat box is recording two channels simultaneously and you want to watch a third - but this would require three separate connections from satellite dish to satellite boxes, which you have said is not going to happen.


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Thanks it is as I thought! I will have to persuade her that ChannelM is not necessary. She is not even from Manchester!

Is there any equivalent to a Magic Eye as only one room is wired for Sky and aerial and it will be an awkward job to wire the other room from the satellite feed?


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