Switching between 2 Displays with ATI 9600XT


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Just looking for some wisdom who's been there done that.

I have a TV on the TVout and a projector on the VGA port of the 9600XT in my HTPC and PVR.

The aim is to watch mostly on the TV and when necessary fire up the projector turn the TV off and watch a movie or whatever.

After experimenting with Clone and Theater modes without getting the result that I wanted, I settled for using Hotkeys to switch the active display.

I have Catalyst 5.9 drivers installed and what happens is that every time I switch the resolution reverts to 800x600 :confused: . What I do now is after doing the switch, grab the mouse on the coffee table, bring up the control panel and change the resolution to what is appropriate for the TV or Projector then grab the remote and start watching.......

This should be easier. I would think that one would be able to set a default/desired resolution for each display and this would be used when doing the switch.

Maybe I am not doing something right !

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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Well, never mind I worked out a great solution.

I defined a profile of the set of settings for the TV and the projector and then the Catalyst Control Centre created desktop shortcats.

Clicking either switches displays and sets the correct res and other settings.

I even mapped the shortcuts to menu selections in my PVR app (SageTV) so I can make the switch through the remote.
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