Switched from Sony OLED to Q90T QLED. Picture settings question

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I just got Q90T in a 65" screen version. I used to have a 55" Sony OLED AF8, which was just too dark for my liking and it also had an annoying auto-dim feature when watching content with static banners (such as football games with a score bar or games with radars/huds). Unfortunately I could not turn that feature off, so the OLED had to go and I also took the opportunity to upgrade to a 65" screen.

I am blown away by the PQ quality on the Samsung Q90T, especially when watching Netflix / Prime. Sure, the blacks are not perfect, but it certainly doesn't make me miss the OLED.

Nevertheless I am yet to find good settings for "regular" TV, such as BBC, Sky Sports, BT Sports, etc. (which I watch via a BT YouView box). Similarly the Gaming mode for Playstation 4 looks way too bright and in your face.

Whilst the TV's "intelligent" picture mode seems to do a good job for Netflix / Prime movie viewing, I find it way too bright and blown out for other content, especially sports. I tried all the other modes and tweaked the Expert settings, but nothing seems to feel right, except the Movie mode, which feels counter intuitive when watching football games, the NBA playoffs or the news...

As for gaming, I have tried the Gaming setting (which was again too bright) and other settings too, but nothing seems to feel right and I tend to gravitate back to the Movie mode. I play mainly PES, FIFA and NHL and the colours and contrasts look just wrong and strenuous on the eyes.

Can anyone share some good settings for regular TV viewing, especially sports like football?

i worked last 3 months calibrating and building settings for the Q95T , with a probe , calibration software and patterns , so maybe i can help you !
first , forget intelligent mode , it is not.
next ; always use colour space to AUTO.
then we can talk and go further into calibration settings.
i have published my calibration settings here , choose the ones corresponding to your usage , depending on room light, and preference.

here i use SDR night 2.4 , SDR dim 2.4 and SDR day BT1886.

for HDR : HDR night and HDR Max day.

feel free to ask any questions on the settings justification.

my sport mode works well with car races but the color space native is not adapted at all for football. you better use the SDR day BT1886 for sport, and if you want smoother animation go for 10/5 in the blur/judder section.

first do only the 2 points white balance that should work on every panel, then you can try to go further with the 20 points in cinema mode combined with my calibrated custm colour space tuning.

here it is , enjoy :

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