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There are some good reasons to not use the known browsers these days (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera), privacy & user tracking data most of all, some of them even embracing de-platforming.

So here are some suggestions.

Brave = created by former lead dev of Firefox, includes built in blocking features, ideal for Google Chrome users as its a fork of Chrome so its works with all the same extensions.

Vivaldi = created by former Opera devs, uses Chrome engine but has a lot of features, good for Firefox or Chrome users, works with Chrome extensions.

Pale Moon = an up to date fork of classic Firefox back when it was a more flexible browser, good for long time Firefox users, works only with older Firefox extensions, not the simple modern ones.

If your still using the stock web browser considering giving any of the above a try.


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De-platforming is used to deny people access to platforms/services, the current boss of Mozilla has not only come out in favour of this but wants to go further which is pretty ominous no matter her claimed justifications.

It's completely against what Mozilla used to stand for with a free and open internet but that is now the past. I used to be a long time Firefox advocate but no more after this.

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