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I have a switch V1 lets go eevee edition, there is a hissing noise came from the speaker, not very loud, have to put my ear near the speaker to notice it but is quite annoying when i play in silent room, the hissing noise is same like my bluetooth wireless headphone cause by interference, or what they called (noise floor), it only happened in handheld mode, 3.5mm jack and docked mode have no issue, the hiss stops if volume is completely off, since the speakers seem to turn off, the hiss seems the same at low or high volume. The hissing noise is easily notice in main menu because there is no background music, when i press the power button to let the console sleep, the noise cut off, when i wake the switch, the noise back on in the menu, when gaming, the noise also is there but since the game music is louder so i cant notice it, i wonder what is the problem, did anyone had this issue?

here i made a video of my switch
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