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Seven years ago I was setting up my basement theater and did a bunch of projector research and ended up with a ceiling mount (BenQ). Since then, I haven't really paid much attention to the options except briefly when I upgraded to 4K (Optoma).

We're going to be building a new house so whenever that's done (a year or so) I'll have to set up another room. I'm thinking it would be a lot more convenient to have an ultra short throw projector which sits on a table under the screen along with other A/V components. But really I know nothing about short throw so wondering if there are downsides I'm unaware of. Here's some of the factors that have me thinking short throw:

  1. The new room will have 10-foot ceilings, so not as convenient to get up there in the first place. In my current room, I can reach the projector while standing on the floor.
  2. The current projector is right over our heads, so we can hear fan noise. I think it's minor because it is usually drowned out by the movie, but my wife's not a fan.
  3. I would have to run cables to a ceiling projector: In the current house, this isn't bad because the table of A/V stuff is behind us, and the back wall isn't far behind us, so it's a short run along the ceiling and down the wall. But still a bit unsightly. I know it could be run inside the ceiling/wall but that's another level of complexity I'd rather avoid. Seems like it would be a lot easier just to have everything sitting under the screen so no cables running long distances (except for speakers--might look into going wireless but that's a different topic). Easier, and also more clean since no cables running around the room.
  4. Related to the above, in the new house the ceiling projector would be right in the middle of the room so would need a much longer cable to reach the A/V gear assuming that gear is under the screen (we really want to move the gear to be in front of us--having it behind is conveninent for our current space but awkward when you have to aim a remote control backward to make something happen).
Does it sound like short throw is the way to go, or are there some other things to consider?

EDIT: It just occurred to me that my current 4K projector does not have to be a ceiling mount. I could set it on a table or something, but that table might need to be back with the seating or else further behind. It could possibly be on a table just in front of seating, since we will have more space to move the seats around than we do now. And then all the A/V gear would still be behind us in order to avoid long runs of cable. So that might be a very economical choice, but maybe not the most convenient in use.
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How about wall mounted on the back wall? Then you can run all the cables down the wall in a conduit to tidy it up.
The back wall is REALLY far back, it's been years since I looked at acceptable dimensions and other specifics but it's probably too far back to be practical. The space is basically a great room, only in the basement, so there will be other stuff to the sides and behind the theater area.


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It occurred to me that I actually have a picture of the space, from the model for this particular floorplan. The TV would be replaced by my 120" screen but you can see how there's more room behind the seating area--there's actually a wet bar back there in this model, you can see the edge of it. From the 2nd picture, you can see there's so much space back there that you can't even see the seating area which would be on the left.


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