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I am with Virgin Media with 100mb BB and telephone line. Was planning to switch over to BT 150 or 300mb Fibre broadband. A few months ago BT put FTTP boxes on the telephone mast (which is literally outside my house). Will BT pull a Fibre cable from the post to the house (detached house)? Will they then put the ONT box on the side of the house where my study is. I want ti BT modem etc in my study. Also, can I connect a telephone to the BT modem for internet phone line?


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Yes, FTTP does require a fibre optic cable installing and that'll be done by Openreach.

Where they'll install will likely depend on your house, how easy it is to access the location you want and so on. I don't know Openreach's exact policy on that.

When they did our install they ran a wire from the pole to the house, down the side of the house to ground level into a box. And then from there they ran a wire up the side of the house to the place where the ONT was going to be (on the second floor).

The Openreach ONT (modem) doesn't provide any Analogue Telephone Adaptor functionality for converting an analogue phone to connect to an internet phone service. It only provides a single ethernet port for connecting your router.

Some ISPs do provide routers with that ATA functionality (for example BT Retail does), although it often only works if your buy your internet phone service from that ISP. Otherwise you can get standalone adaptors, or VoIP phones that can connect directly. Like any internet service such as streaming video (or e-mail a few years ago), supported hardware can vary depending on the provider.
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I've noticed BT now give an option of paying £2 a month less if you don't have a landline number. Sneakily though the price I was quoted before they offered this hasn't changed, it's just £2 more expensive to have a landline.

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I have received an email from BT advising my phone service is going digital. I currently have FTTP plus traditional copper line. They are to send me a Smart Hub 2 and the initial instructions seem to suggest it’s plug and play. I await with interest.


My FTTC service was moved over to digital voice a while back. You simply plug the phone into the back of the router. Not that I ever use the landline 😂

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My FTTC service was moved over to digital voice a while back. You simply plug the phone into the back of the router. Not that I ever use the landline 😂
My Router and ONT are in a corner of my house with a wired telephone network currently serving a single DECT handset in the middle of the house. So I will firstly try plugging the wired network in to the Smarthub which may require a male/female extension lead or a Digital Voice adapter to throw the DECT signal into the middle of the house to serve the existing phone. At least that’s how I currently understand it.

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