switch to av output on dvd player to rgb and no signal - pioneer 656 and infocus 7205


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Hi folks,:thumbsup:
setting up my new projector an Infocus screenplay sp7205 and connecting it to my pioneer dvd player 656.

Heres what i did - :oops:
1. connected both together with a composite video (yellow!) cable which worked but the picture quality was poor(ish!)

2. bought an RCA component rgb cable (15m) from Lindy.co.uk

3. removed the composite from both projector and dvd. Then I plugged in the component (rgb) cable into component input in the projector (source 3) and into the dvd component output.

4. tested - worked ok - but I didnt see a big improvement :rolleyes:

5. pulled up the pioneer dvd setup menu - switched video output signal from video to rgb (there is an s video) output.

6. video signal disappeared! :eek:

7. tried various rebooting sequences - no joy :thumbsdow

anyone have any advice - this is driving me crazy!!!! :mad:

thanks in advance :smashin:



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Have you tried connecting the Pio to the Infocus with the composite cable then go into the Pios menu and then change to rgb .Disconnect the composite and connect the component leads see if this works.

Regards Martin.:)


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Just remembered that the 656 had virtually the same spec as my old 565 .My 565 would only output rgb via scart .The component output was for progressive scan but only NTSC progressive ,so unless your player is multi region and your dvds region 1 you will not get a picture via component .
I think you may have to invest in a new player to get the best picture from your infocus .As you already have the component leads look for a player that output s both PAL and NTSC progressively.

Regards Martin.

Joe Fernand

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Hello clivejones

The fact that most manufacturers use colour coded RCA Phono Output sockets (1 x Red, 1 x Green and 1 x Blue) for YPbPr 'Component' Video connectivity makes things more complex than they ought to be.

As pdbmjb says if you set your Player to RGB its then Outputting an RGB+Composite sync signal from its SCART socket and wont be outputting anything from its YPbPr 'Component' sockets.

If nothing else Component connectivity between your Player and Projector should remove lots of vertical dot crawl, red and blue colour bleed and herring bone patterning which you'll see when using Composite.

Best regards



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Hi Guys
Thanks for the responses.
1. My dvd is multi region, but mainly R2 dvds
2. I cant really afford to buy a new dvd player for a while - so I will have to make do with the 656
3. Can either of you enlighten me as to whether the s-video cable with work and improvement my picture quality?


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Using an s-video lead should be an improvement on the analogue composite lead obviously wont be as good as the component but may be good enough until you can upgrade your player .

Regards Martin.:)

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