Switch/router internet problem driving me absolutely nuts


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Hardware :

Netgear DGN2000 router (100Mbps + Wireless) >>> TPS 5-port Gigabit switch - connected to :

PC 2
NAS server
AV Reciever
iphone (via wi-fi)

Everything has worked fine until :

On boxing day when I tried to get online, web access was seriously slow, I mean at least 10 times slower than dial-up if not just timing out. Router and HTPC rebooted, problem still there.

I then noticed that net access via my phone (wi-fi) is unaffected, speedy as ever.

Ah-ha LAN problem I thought, so I test streaming a Blu ray rip from the NAS server (ISO rip) , streams absolutely fine, no problems at all.

So I try connecting the HTPC straight to the router, this sorts the problem, net access back to full speed.

Conclusion - cheap TPS switch is somehow borked, so I buy a better Netgear switch, received today and installed, no difference, net access knackered.

Any ideas chaps? I feel like smashing things at the moment. :mad:


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Did you have a look at the Network Adapter's on each machine? Check to see what settings are for Speed & duplex. I am assuming its a Gigabit switch?
If its on auto, change it to your desired speed and duplex i.e 1.0Gb Full Duplex


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I think I've traced the problem.

I've noticed that the 1 that lights up green on the router has turned amber indicating that it has a 10Mb connection. Apparently this is a known failure problem with this router.

Strange that this light wasn't amber when linked to the switch (when the problems occur). Plus 10Mb is slow yes, but is enough for web access, odd that it slows to a crawl when linked to the switch.

Anyway another router on the way, a similarly cheap one, but funds are short at this time of year.


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Check firmware on router is up to date.
Do all ports on router register as only 10Mb connection?


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Firmware is up to date.

All ports amber/only connect @ 10Mbs, it's definitely knackered.

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