Switch from VM to Now: can I re-use this line cable?


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Hi All

My house currently has Virgin Media and I would like to move to now (need a monthly contract and now is way cheaper). The line is a cable which comes from outside near the pavement and goes all the way up under the roof, where the internet box is. The cable is a shotgun cable, with a coaxial cable glued to another cable.

Once in the roof the cable splits in two. The coaxial cable goes into the internet box, and the other part of the cable is plugged into a Virgin Media socket which seems to be for unusual Ethernet cables (this is the socket: https://community.virginmedia.com/t...290D15BEAB7183E/image-size/large?v=1.0&px=999)

Before I switch can you help me figure if I can re-use the existing line (which is in fact two cables, the coax and the one going into the socket) with a Now internet box?

Thank you!


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Does it mean I should look for another cable? It must be somewhere .....

Is it possible that there is no other cable and in that case they would have to pull one under the roof? It's a victorian house so not new ...



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Why not retain the VM Broadband only?

Not quite sure I understand your last post.

If you are moving to Now TV Broadband then this is provisioned over OpenReach's (was part of BT) network. It does not and cannot use the VM cabling to work.

If you don't already have an existing BT\OpenReach master socket then you might have to pay for a line to be installed. Given the age of the house, it's likely that you will have one somewhere but the router should be plugged into the master socket to get the best speeds. If that isn't in the location you want or desire you might be a bit stuck as there are limited if any internal appointments at the moment because of covid.


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Thank you ChuckMoutain. I would move from VM to Now because I am out of contract and cut cost by 60%.

You're right about difficulty to have engineers in COVID hence why I try to figure if my existing set-up will work without an engineer visit.

Do you know how OpenReach socket look like, and if I find it, is there a risk than it is not operational and an engineer visit will be required anyway?



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Thank you ChuckMoutain. I would move from VM to Now because I am out of contract and cut cost by 60%.

Yep understood but VM BB speeds are usually better than what others offer. Don't know if that is important if you have other users in the house etc.

The Open Reach or master BT socket comes in a variety of styles but they would have a similar appearance to the VM socket you linked to earlier.


The ones with two sockets the modem plugs in directly. The other ones may have a filter.

Do you have overhead phone lines or buried ones as there will be an entry point to the house and they will be normally near this.

My in-laws just moved round the corner and they had an issue with their Master socket. Back in Jan Openreach would not come before mid March to fix...

It is won't be operational if you don't have a phone line currently with anybody however so long as it is not damaged then they should be able to turn it on again (connect the wires at the other end)

When\if you place an order with Now they should be able to access OpenReach's records to see if you have a line to your house.


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Now TV is an iP TV streaming service and doesn't use a dish, antenna or cable TV connection. You'd just need an internet connection to be able to use that service.

You'll still need to pay extra of top on your subscription for internet provision. This wouldn't be included as part of the Now TV subscription.

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