Swiching Sky+ Source from CRT / Plasma

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by themmings, Jan 11, 2003.

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    Sky+ experts out there, can I bother you for a moment....?

    I am just about to get a Plasma, and have Sky+ coming next week.

    I have two little boys that love watching all the cartoon channels. Net, net, I don't want them to play around with my new 50" toy - so is there anyway I could set up my Sky+ box to toggle between a 21" CRT set and the Plasma?

    I was planning to hook up the Sky+ box to Plasma via SVHS, and the TV has 1 scart socket only.

    I (ideally) don't want to lose any picture quality to the Plasma by junction boxes.

    What options do I have?

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    how mean of you ;)

    Are the TV and Plasma in the same room

    If the SVHS has RGB In and Out, if not I would recommend getting a DVDR the phillips 880 is only 350 now

    if it is

    SKY+ TV Scart -> SVHS RGB in -> SHVS RGB Out -> Plasma RGB in AV1

    then output the AV1 signal down the plasma AV2

    (if my tosh ZP18Q can do it then surely your plasma can)

    then link this to the TV scart

    This is the only set up that will allow you to watch Sky+ and SHVS in RGB and record in RGB

    I do not know much about SVHS though

    If SHVS does not have RGB then the Sky+ needs to be directly connected to the plasma otherwise you will not be able to watch in RGB

    If this is the case then I would suggest

    SKY+ VCR Scart (Composite) -> SVHS

    SVHS -> TV (AV3?)

    SKY+ TV Scart (RGB) -> Plasma RGB IN AV1

    Plasma AV2 -> TV

    if your plasma can not output AV1 down AV2 then a switchbox?

    the RGB 9.50 from Argos is excellent

    I hope this makes sense and is useful

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