Sweetspot (RGB) Capture field order?


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Can anyone confirm that the RGB Sweetpot captures using 'Upper Field First' interlaced field order rather than 'Lower Field First' using the supplied WDM driver?

If I capture MPEG's using 'Lower Field First' I get jerky playback and interlacing artifacts when playing back via a software DVD player with deinterlacing. 'Upper Field First' works fine.

Just be nice if someone could confirm this please (David @ pluggedintv?)



PAL broadcast video is always upper field first - if PAL is captured as lower field first the field lines that make up the video will be reversed from the order they are expected. The playback will look terrible (many jagged edges on moving video) and de-lineraced playback will judder as the reversed fields will confuse the de-interlacing software

NTSC is lower field first. Also i think that DV PAL as used in DV camcorders is also lower field first just to confuse matters

The sweetspot, if set to capture in PAL, should i image default to capturing as upper field first

hope this helps


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Cheers spoonboy :clap:

I'd pretty much come to that conclusion however what was confusing is that my capture software (Ulead Videostudio 9 and DVD Workshop 2) have a field order auto detect function and this was returning 'lower field first' for Sky PAL broadcast via the RGB Sweetspot :confused:

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