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May 25, 2002
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Ahhhh, wake up with a hangover after s****ing it up at a lawyers do, to be greeted by my local postie dropping off Resi Evil and the UT 2003 demo being released.

What a sweet day of lazy gaming it will be!

Oh well off to dust off my GC and wait for this demo to download.
Arrghhhh, zombie hell.

Very impressed with Resi Evil, although I have been trying to play it on the hard difficulty and think I will wuss out as I have died three times already and maxed out my inventory and cannot find a chest :( Stupid inventory system!
Postie tried to deliver my Resi yesterday but it was recorded delivery and i was out:mad:

Mrs is picking it up today though i so should be gleefully mashing zombies tonight :)
The UT demo is a blast, I forgot how hectic it was.

Resi Evil - Well what can I say, simply unbelievable, the graphics are amazing, the atmosphere is superb and the difficulty is back to the old skool. Currently, plodding about with 12 bullets left and **** load of zombies to kill.......... jus need that sweet sweet shotgun.
Resi gets easier as you go further into it, the learning curve is right up there at the start but drops off quite severly later on. Especially when you realise there is sometimes honour in running away!
The shotgun ::salutes:: Makes a nice meaty sounds when fired too, when of course blowing up three zomies heads off of course ^_-

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