Swapping Tosh 36" Strata for 50" rptv


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Hi guys,
I've had my Tosh 36ZT29 for a few weeks now and despite a pretty good performance I still can't stop looking at those damn dark patches on either side of the screen!
I went back to my dealer who in turn contacted Toshiba about this, and Tosh have said that this is inherent in all 36 Strata's. No surprise there then!
As a result, and due to the fact there doesn't seem to be a 36 incher that doesn't have a fault, I've decided to go the rear projection route. I've fallen in love with the Tosh 50" rear pro and was wondering what experiences (good or bad) people have had with this TV.
One last thing, i'll be sitting about 12-13ft away from this (IF I buy it!)... do other rear pro owners think this is an okay viewing distance?

Let me know your thoughts...



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I had a demo of the 50WT29 last night. One word... amazing! However I did notice the "warm cast" down the right side of the screen as reported in another thread. It's very, very slight and I probably wouldn't have noticed it if I wasn't looking for it.

Do other 50" Tosh owners find this a problem? Any comments would be appreciated.

Bruce Morrison

Regarding the Toshiba Strata range, is it only the 36" screen size that has the inherent fault of dark bands down the sides? Are the 32" versions OK in this respect?


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hi i thought it was ok but resolution just isnt sharp ,maybe plasma would be better,even they have problems.ive had all tvs,plasmas,lcds,rpt,and i think my sony nx100 has better picture than any of them also resolution,the nx200 36"models out soon,my panasonic plasma wasnt bad version 5,i think toshiba are probaly the best for rptvs,panasonic for plasma,and sony for crt,followed by phillips pixel plus,


BRUCE the 32" doe`s not have dark sides it has lighter sides.well i had 2 32" both had lighter sides i also tried another 2 at different stores.& they too had lighter sides.but there are people like oblivion how has not got this problem.apart from this fault the tv is awsome the picture on mine was awsome on sky/dvd/xbox.but i could not live with the lighter sides.so swaped it for a philips 32pw9576 & that too has faults but thats another story.


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Hi Pete,

I have had on of the 50WT29's for a month now and it is fantastic. I have not noticed this 'warm cast' problem at all. Monster's Inc. looked incredible on the set.....nothing but praise really.
Have a query about the anamorphic pickup that I will post though!!!


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