Swapping PS4 HDD for SSD and making it external


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I am currently in Thailand eyeing up a PS5 to ship back with me, and you think UK scalpers are bad, try doubling retail prices out here!
Anyway, decided to get a PS4.5 (lol) by upgrading the hard drive on my PS4 Pro to a Samsung 870QVO which is only about 75 GBP out here. Popped it in and everything runs much better. Loading times reduced, pop up improved, reduced noise, heat etc. Very happy indeed, highly recommend you do this if you are happy with PS4 Pro but want better loading times.
However, I now have the old drive and no need for it as I have a few Samsung T3's for general storage on Mac/Pc etc.
Considering putting it in an enclosure and formatting as an extended (external) hard drive for the PS4 Pro. Its a Toshiba 1TB 5400 RPM SATA 3.
Question is, will this slow down the machine and effectively negate any advantages of putting in the SSD? I heard that games download to the external HDD by default but I thought (maybe the logic isnt quite right) put slower ploddy, exploration, puzzle type games such as Death Stranding, Journey, Inside, Limbo etc. on the external and keep the SSD for faster/bigger games such as Cyberpunk, GT7, Doom Eternal etc.
Anyone done this and can say how it works? At the end of the day, happy to just keep this in a drawer and put it back in if and when I sell the PS4 then use the SSD as an external for a PS5, but seems a shame not to use it.



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Well, I put the HDD in an enclosure and, while not as fast as the SSD is (now), games load just as quick as if it were internal. A nice, cheap upgrade for anyone wondering the same :)
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