Swapping Denon AVC A11SR for Pioneer AX5i?


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Aug 18, 2001
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My current system includes a Pioneer DV757Ai, MK Speakers (3 x K7, 4 x K4 and 2 x VX-100 subs) and a Denon AVC A11SR. I have a desire to swap the Denon Amp for a Pioneer AX5i so that I can make use of the i-link. I assume I would be able to sell the Denon, to offset the cost, but does anyone think that this is a sensible move (or otherwise).

I like the sound that this system makes, it is purely a desire to use the i-link and the fact that I like Pioneer kit. I have a VSX-D811, which replaced a Denon 1802 (or 1803, I can't remember) in my bedroom system, which I found to be a terrific improvement. However, I am worried that the A11SR and AX5i are not like for like and I wouldn't want to down grade. I'm not interested in the AX10, it is too expensive and too large for where it needs to fit.

Any help gratefully received.

From your words your concerns are the way the Pioneer sounds, right? Being the proud owner of an AX10, and reading many positive accounts about the AX5i I would definitely suggest to go somewhere to compare the two.

What I can say about my AX10 is that it doesn't try to hide higher artifacts in sound (like lisps), as you might have gotten to like on your Denon. I cannot speak for the AX5i, but my amp isn't in anyway bright, just clear.
Dave the A11SR is an excellent amp; I doubt very much if the AX5 will be an upgrade, but the Pioneer and Denon sounds are "different" - they both have their own flavour.

Best thing to do is go and have a listen, side-by-side if you can - personally I'd be gutted if I ended up having an inferior system without meaning to downgrade..
Hi Dave
I would think that changing the denon for the pioneer will give you problems with the highs(treble) m&ks are known for sounding on the brighter side and as ettepet says the pioneer isnt kind to brighter sounding speakers stick with the denon.
Cheers Gonzo.
Id keep the denon. i prefer the AX10i over the denon, but the A11SR has the AX5 beat for sound quality, the AX5 lacks the clarity of its big brother.

It realy would be a backward step for you, even more so if you like your volume levels up

if your buying just for I-link I think youll be a bit disapointed.
unless you have a stack of dvd-audio disks and SACD`s then there is no real benefit in changing.

for regular CD and film Sound tracks the difference is minimal
(and thats with the AX10i)
Thanks for the replies - I was worried that my plan was a backward step, which seems to also be the opinion of others. I was also worried about how my speakers would function (though I didn't mention it in the original post) as I had seen comments in the past not recommending M&Ks with the Pioneer amps, due to their low impedence.

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