Swapping amp for soundbar or not?


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Hi Guys,

I'm looking for some advice, I've stepped out of the home A/V stuff for a few years now but looking to change my current setup.

I currently have a Samsung Q85 with a Sony DN710 A/V amp which I use to select between my devices, Xbox, PS and Sky.

Optically connected amp, 2 floor standing B&W speakers and a subwoofer, chord cabled. This has done the job, since having a kid, I don't worry so much about SQ and loudness etc anymore and now my amp is aging and not supporting 1080/4k, I looked in to changing it for a Sony DN1080 (Hard to find but that is price bracket I'm looking at and I like the sony amps)

HOWEVER, since mentioning my will to upgrade a few bits to the wife, she wants the speakers to go as they are a hazard for our son, he has pushed them over before. So she said, can't we get a soundbar that comes with a sub (we like a bit of bass)

I'm open to it but the issue for me is, I have ZERO experience of a soundbar aside from a quick demo the guy gave me of one in Currys which did impress me! This was at the time of demoing the Samsung Q85 to me.

I guess I can have all of my devices go straight in to the TV, I then don't have the bottle neck of my old amp not being able to do 1080/4k and I should be happy ever after.

Is a soundbar the way to go or is there another option? Is it time to lose the av amp?



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Going from an A\V 5.1 (min) setup to a soundbar will be a massive step down


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OP has two floor standing speakers and a sub so not so much of a climb down.

Still think OP needs a soundbar that comes with a sub to do audio any justice. Although some of the more expensive ones are chunky enough to include a "small sub" of some description within the soundbar

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