Swapped my AE100 for new one...


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for any interested in the ongoing saga of the AE100 performance, reliability etc.

I bought one brand new about 10 days ago from a Panasonic centre - reason being I wanted the backup in case of problems.

Today I had it replaced for a brand new one as it had developed some colour uniformity problems. I had no other problems whatsoever. So I decided that sinceI really love what this PJ can do but I want to make sure that I get the best example I possibly can I would swap for a new one and test in store.

The new pj looks perfect so far - touch wood but time will tell.

In addition the Reading Panasonic centre were very helpful and understanding and were more than happy to change the unit. Apparently this is the first one they have had returned and they have been told of no issues with this pj by Panasonic :rolleyes: . However the chap there did concede that when there are problems, often the retailers are not told of this officially - they are kept in the dark too.

More fun setting up tonight


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Good luck Tim - fingers crossed!

I watched first full film last night (after days of just messing around). We watched Back to the Future 3 - it was good. Still running S-vid so ther is room for improvement, but nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait 'til this evening to watch some more !!


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The first 3 films I watched after set up were the trilogy - I guess you got it from cd-wow too.

I think 3 has the best picture of the trilogy. Some of the scenes outside with the train looked amazingly clear. I think LCD always looks great with vivid colour images in bright sun - or CG stuff.

I watched Shrek last night and think it will be Gone in 60 seconds tonight...

I had managed to clock up about 30 hrs - but that is back to 0 again now:D


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