Swann NVR 7400 Remote issues


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No luck getting any feedback on the Swann Forum (yet), so I thought I'd try you lot.

The apps used is Swannview Link, Swann AlwaysSafe and the Reolink app.

When I access my cameras using the home WiFi, obviously when I'm in my house, it works quickly and efficiently. However, when away from home and using either mobile data or another WiFi, it VERY rarely connects.

In the past for a very long time, it worked fine, especially the Reolink app, probably because they actually update and enhance their app, unlike Swann !!!

If I try to connect to my Ring doorbell remotely, it works fine.

My WiFi is reliable and fast, so it's not slow or rubbish WiFi. I'm with BT.

Most people buy and install CCTV systems to mostly access them remotely, so at the moment, it's pretty useless.

Any advice please ?


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Have you configured any of the methods for allowing your CCTV system to be accessed remotely? Most consumer broadband services have a dynamic internet-facing IP address randomly allow located from a pool they own, and it can and
does change from time to time. To get around this many CCTV vendors provide Dynamic DNS services that attempt to check and update this changing external IP address and turn it into a more user friendly url (website name). Sometimes this URL connects directly to the CCTV unit, other times it needs to be set up via your router and some additional router rules created.
Once all that is done you also need to check what address you are connecting to in your CCTV app. If you have a local IP address for when you are at home then you also need to add the “friendly” DDNS details for when you are away from home, unless the app can use the friendly ddns details for both local and remote access (not all systems do).
Your Ring system is different in as much as all recording takes place in the cloud, and you connect to the cloud service to view the footage regardless of whether you are at home or not (so you must have a working internet connection to both upload and view the content).
Other CCTV systems, such as Hikvision with their HIK Connect service, also utilise cloud services to allow easy access to the recorded footage & live views, so this avoids the need to deal with local network IP addresses, DDNS services, and router configuration/port forwarding/firewall rules.
So as you can see, remote access to live cameras or recordings is normally achievable, but the methods used and amount of technical knowledge required can vary a lot!
Any Swann system I have seen (and I’ve not looked at any in recent times) required the use of DDNS with one set of account settings for local network access and another for remote access away from home.


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Thanks very much for this detailed reply and it gives me something to work on and to be honest, during my Google search to find a solution, I came across more or less what you said

However, up until about 2 months ago, everything was working fine, specifically the remote access. Absolutely nothing has changed, it's been the same for years.
As I type this, I've disconnected my mobile phone from my home WiFi and used my mobile data and the Swann AlwaysSafe app worked. The Reolink didn't.
So it does work and I'm reluctant to mess about with settings.
But I'll have to do something, as I need remote access.
Thanks again.


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In that case the Swann app will work when you are out and about. It may be that the internal IP address of the CCTV system has changed, maybe due to a power cycle o restart of the router, so it cannot be found with the original internal IP address used by the app (assuming it uses the internal IP address).


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So do I just have to ensure that my BT routers IP address and the Swann NVRs IP addresses are the same ? Cheers for your help.

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