Question Swann DVR8-3425 8 Channel DVR CCTV Security Kit with 4 Cameras and Alarm


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Has anyone got / had experience with the above system / with Swann / with AWD-IT?

Looking around, this seems to give me everything I need, without more expensive police response systems offered by ADT and the likes...

Seen at Maplin for £314.99 (Swann DVR8-3425 8 Channel DVR CCTV Security Kit with 4 Cameras and Alarm | Maplin) or at £239.99 from AWD-IT (Swann DVR8-3425 8 Channel 960H Digital Video Recorder 4 x PRO-735 Cameras, Alarm Sensors & Siren) - has anyone used AWD-IT before?

Swann seem to be a very reputable make and the above (whilst I'd prefer dome cameras) seems excellent, but I'd rather not blind buy if possible / better out there...

Any thoughts on this or similar systems?


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Anyone have any experience with this system? Should I be spending much more for a better system?


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Don't mean to offend but have you seen the quality/images/playback of the cameras (day & night)?? Useless would be my thoughts at 700tvl analogue, whilst it might do you I would not touch it. A decent 'insurance approved' alarm system professionally fitted should start around £500 (depending on size of house) and a decent 4 camera 1080P IR system fitted would start at £1k, so £1.5k vs. £314.99 slight difference but you get what you pay for!

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I can't comment on the alarm side of things but from the CCTV side that pretty much sums up everything that's bad about CCTV.

Wide angle fixed lens cameras so no detail and yet they claim a 25 metre range. I'd suggest 3 metres would be closer to the mark. It does say it's got 1280 x 720 pixel resolution which is impressive for 960H. Everyone else in the world has to make do with 720 x 576 pixels :)

On the plus side it comes with theft deterrent stickers and it's cheap.

Henry :)


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Ok, so value systems out (I'm not after the best money can buy here, just something that will give me some piece of mind), anyone have any systems they can recommend that do what is needed for day and night recording?


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I had one in my old house... I would not recommend the set, the images would drop when I tried to play back from the recorder & I could not get the remote app to work on the iPhone. The picture quality on the monitor was OK but it was not as clear on a recording.

That said it depends on what you want to use it for, I used it mainly for a deterrent.


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Swann systems can only be viewed on mobiles and tablets connected via a modem.

You can use the app to view over your network using internal LAN IP settings or view remotely over the network providing you set up ports/fixed IP (or dynamic dns) settings. So as long as you DVR is on the same network to which your phones/tablets/PCs are connected you can view locally without an Internet connection.

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