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Question Swan 4K CCTV or Hikvision CCTV


Deleted member 24354

IP is generally a much better bet unless you have to go beyond 100m cable runs, then TurboHD comes into its own.

No Fun

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OK, leaning towards IP.

However struggling what to get and from where. Hikvision is hard to buy. I've found Netview CCTV Netviewcctv Home www.netviewcctv.co.uk and am thinkig of the NVR HIKVISION 8MP IP POE 4K NVR CCTV SECURITY RECORDER 8CH CHANNEL DS-7608NI-K2/8P | eBay

Camera's I have no idea: They have different version numbers I'm not sure if that's a range or OEM thing.

4MP DS-2CD2345FWD-I 2.8mm 109° 30fps Darkfighter IP Turret Dome Camera
Hikvision HiWatch IPC-T140 4MP IP67 POE IP Outdoor Dome Turret Camera 30m IR 6954273645205 | eBay


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I have one of these ...
DS-7608NI-I2/8P with 2x 4TB WD Purple drives in it

The DS-7608NI-K2 version runs V3 firmware , whereas the DS-7608NI-I2 version runs V4 firmware.

Benson C

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If you search ''4K (8MP) Swann IP CCTV Kit'' on Google, I believe there are some better(cheaper) options for you.

Apart from Swann, maybe you can look into SPRO as well. It's quite simillar with Hikvision but not that expensive.


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Might be worth getting a quote from an installer - it was cheaper for me to get my hikvision supplied and installed than sourcing myself


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I wouldn't rule out lower resolutions either. It shouldn't be the deciding factor in the same way that a 24mp camera phone isn't any better than a 16mp DSLR camera. There are a lot of other considerations you should make like the chipsets, sensors lens quality. Take note of the lens as the lower the millimetre, the wider the viewing angle but the further away everything appears which doesn't help when it comes to identification. There are also obvious differences with regards to general build quality and reliability. If the camera fails in 6 months it's as good as useless regardless of its 4K resolution. We always recommend Hikvision or Hilook (also made by Hikvision) Hikvision is only available to the trade so you should ask a local installer to quote you. If your thinking of doing it yourself then look at the latter. I would highly recommend you look at the Powered by Darkfighter range as it has exceptionally goo low light performance which in my eyes is more important as most burglaries take place in the hours of darkness. My recommendation for low cost DIY would be this:
HiWatch IPC-B140 4 Megapixel HD Compact IP Bullet Camera
and if having it professionally installed i would start at this:
Hikvision DS-2CD2345FWD-I 4MP IP Low Light Turret Camera
Whatever you do, be wary of buying from unauthorised sources as there will likely be no warranty.


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Who makes the Swann equipment? Yes, Hikvision.

Might be better to explain any inadequacy in the OEM gear Hikvision make versus their branded offering.

Deleted member 24354

Very much like VW owns Bentley, but they too are not the same product. Just because Hik owns Swann it doesn’t make them the same product.

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