SW150 problems


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Brought a used sw150 sub of the forums but after setting it up and performing the auto setup with my yamaha tx v1065 amp but the sound/cone sounds really distorted and there is a reverb from the sub. I have it connect by a single photo to phono cable (input on sub) and crossover set to 80 hz (same as amp) with volume set halfway. I have a bk gemini and it sounds fine so I know it isn't the amp, but running auto setup the amp sets the speaker volume on the sub to +8db which I change but no difference.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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If it's setting it to +8, then you need to turn up the gain on the sub, re run the setup and ideally get it to 0db change. If you've tried upping the gain and it still tells you +8 and is reverbing/distorting, it sounds knackered to me.


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I've bought a few things off the forums and they've all been fine. They were generally shown working before I took them away though.

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