Question SVSound SB12-NSD sub not giving any punch with Sony STR-DN1040 receiver


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I am trying to set up a SB12-NSD sub together with my STR-DN1040 receiver. It outputs sound, but not very impressive. My 5.0 setup with "large" speakers actually produced more "earthquake" than 5.1 with "small" speakers and a sub. So any tips on how to get the bass at neighbour unfriendly levels? What I have done:

- Gain turned halfway
- Phase = 0
- Low pass disabled

- All speakers set to small
- Crossover = 80Hz
- Calibration done successfully
- Display shows 3/2.1 when playing movies
- While playing music (e.g. streaming from Spotify through my Samsung TV) the sub vibrates, but not more than that. The receiver shows 2.0 in the display...

All ideas are welcome!


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- While playing music (e.g. streaming from Spotify through my Samsung TV) the sub vibrates, but not more than that. The receiver shows 2.0 in the display...
Seems like your settings are good, maybe it's the content..

Is this for music only? If not, try playing a film :) Something like the Blurays of War of the Worlds, Tron, Cloverfield, Alita Battle Angel, Overlord etc!. Or any heavy hitters should put a smile on your face..


What happens if you just turn the gain up on the sub (slowly), do you get more output?
Yes, as you would with any amplifier. If you go too high though that could draw too much attention to the sub and localise it. A better placement of the sub can often be better than just making it hotter.


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I just meant to test operation and make sure it’s working, not necessarily as a long term fix. I agree it’s probably a placement issue.


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Try x-over at 100 Hz

If your receiver is showing 3/2.1 when playing movies, it is only outputting stereo +sub. You need to get multichannel sound working or enable one of the pseudo surround modes if you don’t have a multichannel input source (assuming you have 5 x speakers connected

Your stereo playback is not using subwoofer. You need to set a receiver playback mode that uses the sub channel.


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Thanks, all! Got it working with The Dark Knight yesterday. Main purpose for me is movies, so that is good. If you want to get som extra punch when playing music as well, is that possible using e.g. Spotify as source or is that 2.0 only?


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Doesn't matter if it's only 2.0 channels - most receivers have a stereo mode that uses the sub channel. In fact, come to think of it, if you have your speakers set to small, the receiver should be using the sub in all modes?


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Hmmm, maybe I was having too high expectations for the sub while playing music. I think for movies (primary use), explaining rest of the setup can give some clarity:

- Samsung SUHD KS8005 TV
- HDMI ARC with all sources going through the TV (HDMI cable from PS4 and SAT box to TV, HDMI ARC from TV to receiver). I want this for simplicity (kids, wife...). As far as I understand this limits me to only use bitstream as the TV cannot sent PCM 5.1 to the receiver (HDMI ARC limitation).

As use case can be The dark knight rises on blue-ray which I then play from the PS4. There are 5 audio choices that can be made:

- TV: HDMI Audio Format (as far as i understand this is the preferred audio input): Can be PCM or bitstream. Set to bitstream
- TV: Audio Format (output): For this movie only PCM and DTS are available. DTS selected
- PS4 main settings: Audio Format (priority): Linear PCM, Bitstream (Dobly) and Bitstream (DTS). LPCM and bitstream (DTS) both gives 5.1 for this movie
- Movie disc audio settings: Bistream (direct) and Linear PCM. Bitstream selected

These are the settings that were wrong in my original post. My hope was that I could have one kind of setting regardless of source (DTS or DD movie, PS4 game, streaming from TV app, music from TV app) and that all these would give me either 5.1 (movies) or 2.1 (music). Maybe I was naive :)

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