SVS SbS-01 - are they suitable for my room


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I'm currently looking to rearrange my living room and in the process upgrade my speakers/amp.

After much reading I'm thinking that the best bang-for-buck is the SVS on the powerbuy but before I go ahead I would like your views on:
a) whether they will work well in my room (see attached images) and
b) if there are any others worth looking at for the same money or less.

So you have an idea of size, measurements are 4.2m x 4m with the longer wall being the width. Viewing distance on the proposed layout would be around 2-2.4m. Room is open plan with open stairs & 2 archways on the bottom left & right. Rear speakers will need to be wall mounted at virtally ceiling height above the archways to get them in the right place.

I'm looking to get an Onkyo 705 or 805 amp - just trying to work out if I want to spend the extra 200 notes.

Current setup is a Pioneer VSX D812 amp to Kef 1005 speakers & sub, with usage mainly TV (Sky-HD) & DVD with about 5% music added to the mix.


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I must say that your room looks quit sutable and reminds me very much of the people's room where I had a demo before I purchused my SVS speakers. I think you can close your both eyes because your room looks fine to me. The only thing I can say is go forward and buy those lovely sounding speakers. :smashin:
I do recommend a better sub though, the SVS PB10 or PB12+ (depending on your budged).


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When you say better sub, do you mean the PB10 NSD is better than the SB12 that's in the 5.1 deal, or were you assuming that I was planning on keeping the Kef one? A PB12+ is over budget unfortunately.

kick ass sub

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Well, I'm not certain but with the stairs in your room you might need a bigger sub because the sound pressure escapes quit rapidly. But maybe the difference isn't huge.

I wouldn't say the PB10 is better then the SB12+. I heard it's more a matter of taste. The PB10 goes pretty deep and has some nice punch. With the SB12+ youl miss out some 5Hz that do make a difference but it has somewhat more controled bass, it's smaller and prettier. So it's a matter what you like most. Would you rather have the full soundstage that movie directors offer you but with a bigger sub, or don't you mind 5Hz less depth and rather go for more controled bass and a more beautifull sub?

I haven't heard the SB12+ though but someday I'dd like a comparisson between my sub and the SB12+.

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I would say that new layout is fine and the SVS will sound very good.

Are you detached or semi?

Do you have a wooden or screeded floor?

The SVS sound beautifully neutral, not harsh, nor boomy, they do have alot of tolerance at high volumes and thats why I ask the above.

I have the package in a room of a similar size but they are for the new HC room being built in March next year as I live in a semi with a wooden floating floor.Its not good to have a downward firing sub on such a floor and its not good for neighbour relations either.

Yes the SVs will sound great in there, but just be careful of the other factors when choosing your set up.


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It's a semi with conrete floors. The party wall is the one with the stairs on.
I think most subs I am considering are forward firing anyway.
I'll post on the sub forum later & see if I get some more opinions.

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