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Today I noticed my SB2000 has stopped working, the blue light is on but driver was giving no output.
since it’s out of warranty I have unscrewed the amp to take a look in, not that I know what I’m looking at other then checking the internal fuse and came across some black burnt marks on the heatsink.

I take it the amp is broken now and likely in need of replacement, is it possible to replace with the SB2000 pro version amp the Sledge


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I think you should talk with Ed Mullen first, send email to that first email i will put below and mark the headline of email with he´s name. If the amp was already swapped from original and now blown again would Karma AV/SVS come forward to help with the cost or something. We have seen something like this before so i would talk with both of them cause it sounds really unacceptable that it dies so soon. I`m afraid it´s the Sledge STA-1200D amp which can be fitted to SB13Ultra, but you can ask from Karma still if the new STA-550D works with yours.

[email protected]

[email protected]

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