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SVS SB12-plus Vs PB12-NSD for music


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I am a little confused as to the relative merits of these two subs.

They seem to be almost identical in price, the SB-12 has more complex
electronics, the PB12-NSD goes a bit lower.

Why would I buy one over the other given that space is not a huge issue
(I am likely to buy two), I have a medium size room and am far more
interested in quality music than movies.




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Have a look HERE, you'll the know as much as the rest of us. Nobodies heard it yet, but the speculation may be fun.

Plough through the banter to page 2, where Ron from SVS gives some input.



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I spent an hour last night and two hours this morning ploughing through all my favourite movie clips and a reference music disc that I put together, listening to the SB12-Plus and putting it up against another small box sub from a very well known brand of just under twice the price. I'm going to do a mini review/report in a little while so look it up but I would use two SB12's for a couple of reasons.

The PB12-NSD as you say goes loud and low but it is huge, in listening to it I found that with the amount of low end bass it produces it ends up not being as acurate with music as it masks some of the finer detail, one of the reasons for this might be that the SB12 has a very flat responce going quite high and upper bass notes are clearer as the sub is more efficient at these frequencies. By no means is it light weight in the bass area as the crash landing in Flight of the Pheonix where the planes barrel rolls had my trousers flapping and this was with one SB12!

Another reason is for the music, the bass is tight and extended, again the one thing I found even with the reference sub was the upper bass was too soft. The SB12 has a beautifull slam or punch that intergrated with the main stereo speakers so well that my colleque and myself both came to the conclusion that the sound was more whole and seemless, there seemed to be a dip in the responce from both the reference sub and the PB12-NSD, I think due the the roll off of the upper bass frequencies. Both the two other subs have a deeper more enveloping bass but as stated the ref. sub is twice the price and two PB12-NSD would just be unrealistic deep bass. So two SB12's should get you the output and the extra depth anyway. For accuracy, pretty hard to beat.

Look out for the mini review/report.



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russ.will said:
Nice to have the early comment. Thanks. Go on, give it up, the reference sub is?



I won't give up what the Reference sub is, and I'm only using it as a point of reference rather than it being a Reference subwoofer! But it has been very well reviewed scoring near on top marks by people like Ed Mullen!


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