SVS SB-1000 Ticking Noise


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OK. I just picked up a new amp (Onkyo 830) and 4 new ceiling speakers because my Yamaha amp quit working after six years. I got a new TV, a new blu-ray player, and everything was sounding great. But today, just a couple days after getting it all set up, my subwoofer is making an audible ticking (super fast ticking sound). It's not overly loud, but even with a movie going, if you get near the sub, you can hear it.

Then I noticed the sound on the movie I was watching seemed sorta empty. Then I played some music from Spotify. The music was clean but the sub sounded echo-ish and didn't seem to be hitting hard like it had before (even the night before!)

So what's happening? Have I fried something? Is the sub just going out coincidentally when I set up my new system or did I bork something? Am I just missing a setting? I tried powering the sub off / on and the ticking got a lot slower then sped up again to the fast ticking that's just constantly going now.

Last night we watched Aquaman and it was amazing. A couple nights before that Robin Hood and it was sweet. But now things are sounding . . . OFF. And not being an audio or electronics expert, I'm starting to feel Iike I've gotten in over my head.

If you disconnect the sub from the receiever (rca) cable and the subs still ticks then you have an issue with the plate amp. SVS have fantastic customer server and long warranties so get in touch with them.
If it stops ticking when the rca cable is removed then you have some more investigation to do.


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I contacted SVS and they wanted the order number and the serial number and they said they would take care of it. They said it was the amp. By the way, the clicking does not stop when the RCA cable is unplugged. Could this damage my receiver if it is plugged in? I ask because I have had this sub running with my new receiver for a few days. Thank you for your reply.

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If it's ticking with no cable - it's definitely the amp. This won't hurt the woofer or the connected AVR. The amp is easy to change out - just a few minutes and we provide the bit driver too. Sorry for the problem but you'll be back to thumping soon!
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