SVS Prime Wireless Speaker Review & Comments


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Can these be used as front channel home cinema speakers? Wondering how effective they will be. Reason is I don't want to buy dedicated wireless hi-fi speakers. Would like to reuse the same speakers for hi-fi and home cinema.

Ed Selley

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Techincally, you could run a signal from the front left and right preout of an AVR into the line input of the Prime Wireless and ramp the level up so it acted as a AV input. I didn't try this though and have no idea how effective it would be.

yorkshire rose

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does this work with blu os, so you can set up on multiroom with a Bluesound Pulse 2.

long shot, but was thinking maybe an alternative to adding blues ound products.

Ed Selley

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Nope. There are no third party means of bypassing Play Fi.


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do these sync with your tv remote, so if using them as tv speakers, i don't have to reach for another remote? Cheers, Phil.


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Depends on if your TV attenuates its optical output or not (the latter is more normal). Some TVs have an analogue connection which may also be subject to the same issue. I wouldn't advise using the headphone output; whilst this would be attenuated through the TV, it's amplified to power headphones which will not result in as clean a sound as possible through the speakers.

Joe Fernand

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Have said elsewhere a 'wireless' (active) slave channel would be more desirable than the wired slave.



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This is very well put together article and gives those with smaller budgets somd hope that convenient and affordable audio can sound great. Well done SVS.

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