SVS PB10 - Spike at <= 40 Hz ?


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Dear SVS PB10-ISD owners out there,
I've been playing with placement and SPL readings. Anyone else experience the spike from 40 Hz down to god knows what. Crossover set to 60 Hz, I notice a slight dip from 60 Hz to 40Hz. It probably is placement, or my small room, but I pushed the sub out of the corner already. I'm thinking maybe turn down gain on sub...but that would probably worsen the 40-60 hz dip. Any other suggestions?


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To help you it is vital that you tell us a bit about your room size and layout (room shape, openings to other rooms, mostly concrete walls or...). What I would do is put the sub in the listening position and find the spot where the bass sounds best. There you should place the subwoofer.


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Can you post a graph ,or at least some numbers it will make it easier to see what's happening.


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it seems like pulling the sub foward will help it. going to try that...i'm going to stick this sub in the middle of my room...use it as a coffee table


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Depending on your Front speakers you could try them set to large, as for some people (me included) it can work better. Try moving it around first though :D


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thanks for the advice. I got to flatten out the response a little more. Speakers are still small. I set crossover to 50Hz. and turned down my subwoofer gain a little more. I also pulled the sub foward 2 inches.

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