Svs PB-13 Ultra or wait for SB-16


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I am getting my house refurbished and need to buy all my hi-fi equipment by the end of January.i bought my kuro today so i have got my tv out of the way.The room is 12ft deep,22 feet wide and 12 foot high.The setup will be on the 22 foot wall so it will be quite wide
My setup will be:
Pioneer SCLX-82,Front-B&W CM-9,Centre B&W CMC2,Rear B&W CM-5.

I was determined to get the pb-13 as it is one of the best subs for it's price.The only problem is that it is huge.So i was wondering if the sb-16 would be better as it is 3 inches bigger but is not ported.I will be using it for gaming music and movies.Does anyone have any more ideas when the new sealed subs will be released



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With a very comfortable sized room why are you so loath to give up space to your subwoofer?

Did you deliberately minimise the choice of TV so it did not use up too much wall space? ;)
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