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Hi all I am a new member and have a question.
On here everyone seems to rate the monolith DF I have a SVS 20 39pc+ that is good sub low down. I am thinking of adding a second sub could the monolith do as the second one or would I be better sticking with SVS I would like the PB ultra but it costs a hell of a lot. Any advice would be helpfull as I have never heard a BK sub.

Many thanks Bobby


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In your situation, there is no point adding a Monolith as the PC+ is a superior sub in most aspects. Adding a second different sub will largely ensure that you end up with the worst of both worlds, rather than the best.

From where you're sitting, it's either another PC+ or an Ultra. Unless you have a particularly large room that might extract the response benefits of two subs, I'd put money on the Ultra upgrade being the superior performer.

There's a thread in the stickies at the top of this forum, where I compared a couple of Monoliths to the Old PB12/Ultra and with the exception of music, the 12U stuffed the Monoliths in all respects. The PB13U I had here was so far in advance of the old 12U it wasn't funny and it convincingly added music to it's abilities in a way no SVS (I've heard) did before.



As the resident expert (I read your 2 monoliths v 1 svs ultra) I now must decide do I sell my pc plus and go for an ultra or go for another pc + thanks for your help Russell


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