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I was sitting in my living room last night listening to some music. I have my SVS cylinder under the stairs off to the right. The ideal place for a sub, I think, is in between the main speakers. This means it has to be a box. The PB12 and 13 I don't think are ideal configurations for this (assuming that a TV will sit on top).

Now, a monolith DF is perfect for it. But it doesn't go deep enough or loud enough. So I thought to myself... what if the monolith driver was replaced with an SVS one and the associated power amp - could that work? Obviously the amp panels aren't the same size, but as a concept that would probably never be realised, could it work?


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It would work but i doubt it would sound very good.

Reasons being is that the cabinet has been designed and built to a specfic specfication to maximise the monolith driver to its ful potential. The internal volume and port tuning at a guess probably wont be the best for the SVS driver.

You would be better off building a custom enclosure for the SVS driver and plate amp. If you can get the T/S parameters of the driver than designing an enclosure wont be to difficult.



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Is it that time of year when Chis is looking for a new sub already? My, how time flies.:D

Consider DIY as the man says?



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LOL! Destroy it myself? That sounds about right... no, it was nothing more than a passing thought. :)

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