SVS 20-39PC+ v monolith+


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I have Monitor audio speakers and a Sony STRDN1000 Amp, will it work ok with them?
From what i have read the svs goes with pretty much everything and makes it better.
my room is 5.5m x 3.2m....
is it suitable or would i be better with a monolith or something like that?
thanks for your help.


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Hi , I owned The SVS cylinder for about a year and you will not be dissapointed , It goes really really deep and is suitable for both music and Movies , I had some trouble setting it up in my room with some nulls and peaks in the bass but an Anti mode sorted that out in 5 minutes .. The deep grunt this thing throws out when properly set up is un-believeble , As its a cylinder it has a fairly small foot print , I had mine tucked in behind a 42" plasma so could not be seen , the neighbors did comment about the unusual sounds coming from the extension ....:D Havent heard a Monolith .
You should budget for the Anti mode or something similar .. Cheers
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