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My Denon AV receiver is receiving all it's visual streams via SVideo (the video outputs a true SVideo stream, the DTT box is connected by a QED SCART->SVideo cable).

However, the dealer advised me that the best way to get the picture from the AV receiver to the plasma is via an SVideo->SCART cable, ie SVideo coming out of the Denon and SCART into the Panasonic Plasma. (The Panny only has a SCART input, although it came with a composite->SCART dongle)

I went with it at the time of ordering the kit, but now I have it all set up I'm wondering whether this is the best way of delivering the picture to the plasma. Am I'm loosing quality by going from SVideo to SCART (OR did I already loose quality as my DTT box only outputs in SCART, not SVideo).

If anyone thinks my above setup is wrong/not optimum can they suggest a better alternative please? In particaur would I be better to use the composite dongle that came with the Plasma (or is that equally ineffective as ultimatly the stream is converted to SCART as it enters the TV?).

Many thanks

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S-Video can be carried over a scart lead, it just requires the scart input to be s-video compatible. You are not losing any quality by going from s-video to scart, you only lose quality if a s-video to composite conversion is done.


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Hello Ben

What kit have you got? - make model number etc

I'm surprised your DTT box has S-Video out; usually its RGB or Composite via SCART.

With a list of your kit (inc which AV Receiver) folk on the Forum can better give you advice on how best to wire it up.

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"With a list of your kit (inc which AV Receiver) folk on the Forum can better give you advice on how best to wire it up."

Makes perfect sense, sorry for not doing that originally - doh. Here goes:

Panasonic TH42 PW6 Plasma
Denon 1804 AV Receiver
KEF 2005.2 5.1 speaker set
Panasonic NVHS880 Video (has SCART and SVideo outs)
Philips ex-OnDitital DTT [no model number] (SCART out x2)
Custom HTPC
PlayStation 2

I've currently got the DTT hooked to the video via SCART. The video than has SVideo out, which is connected to the Denon AVReceiver. The DTT is also connected straight to the Denon AVReceiver via a SCART-SVideo QED lead. I'm assuming the Denon is doing the conversion to SVideo.

The DTT and Video are hooked to the AVReceiver via red/white phono leads. The PS2 and HTPC are hooked to the AVReceiver via optical leads.

The video out from the AVReceiver is connected to the Plasma via an SVideo to SCART converter (as the Plasma only take a SCART in as per normal)

The HTPC is hooked to the Plasma via VGA for pregressive scan DVD viewing (although it's not currently working, the display has a bright pink tinge to it - have tried different computers with no luck, i think there is something wrong with the vga lead or the vga connection. I hope it's not the latter! It could be the input isn't coming in correct, but I've tried 640x480 low res, 16bit colour with no luck)

Does this sound like a good set of connections? To be honest I spent a lot more of my budget on cables then I hoped/expected. The guy reccomended £40-£60 QED video leads and £20 QED audio leads). To be fair, they weren't the most expensive he had available so I didn't get the impression he was ripping me off. never the less I think we've spend about £350 on cables, which is more than i paid for the Denon amp.

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