svideo on pc to scart on tv


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I'm having some problems with connecting up my pc to my tv.

I have tried various ways of connecting it, such as svideo, composit and scart, and I've only managed to get a black and white picture on it using scart.

The setup I have is:

ATI Radeon 9800 Pro with svideo out and vga out (15pin d-sub)
Panasonic TX-21S1T that has
1 scart connector
red, white and yellow comopiste connectors on the front

Manual is available here:

I got the black and white picture by using a 4 pin svideo to scart connector from maplins: to scart&ModuleNo=35910&doy=27m2

and I've just bought this: to scart&doy=27m2
to use with a 7 pin ati radeon svideo to comopiste adapter. But I get no picture on the tv.

The results so far:
4 pin Svideo to Scart (from maplins quoted above) = Black and white picture
7 pin svideo to composite adapter to composite in on front of tv = no picture
7 pin svideo to composite adapter to composite on scart adapter = no picture
4 pin svideo to svideo on scart adapter = no picture

I have tried the latest Catalyst drivers 6.2, as well as older ones (4.8, 5.2) but still no picture.

When I remove the composite connector from the front connection on the tv, the screen flickers, so there is power going to it, but it must be in a format that it doesn't understand.

I am now looking to get one of these:
as it uses the vga output on my graphics card.

Can anyone help me with this please? Ideally I don't want to spend £40 on the averkey thing, and I've now got cables and scart adapters everywhere!!

Thanks, Nathan


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Your PC is obviously outputting an S-Video signal as you're getting a B&W picture (the luminance is sent down the composite pin of a scart connector) but clearly the scart input you're using isn't set up for receiving an S-Video signal. It may just be a case of finding the relevant settings within the TV menu but otherwise your TV clearly can't accept an S-Video signal through it's scart connector. :)


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Cheers eviljohn, I though that too, but using the composite connectors, I get no picture at all, either by using the composite connectors on the front of the tv or through the scart adapter I have in the scart socket at the back.

I'm really stumped on this one!


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Solved it!

I bought the Averkey Lite from Maplins and I get the picture on my tv in colour :)

Glorious Media Center is up and running like a dream!

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