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Mar 29, 2002
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Anyone have any suggestions which Freeview boxes are SVIDEO enabled>

I want to improve on my current old ON-Digital box wich only outputs RGB and Composite :( which I sometime use thro my projector. The svideo is free on the PJ

Not wanting to spend a fortune
AFAIK only Sky+ has a dedicated s-video out. The Netgem scart can be configured to output s-video. Don't know about any others.

You could buy one of John Sims boxes which splits a RGB scart in between a RGB scart out and a s-video scart out. About the same price as a decent freeview box.
Sony, Pioneer and Philips all can do s-video from both scarts. The Sony needs the latest software though. I believe the Humax and probably several others do s-video too.
I have a humax f2-fox t freeview box and it has a dedicated s-video output .very good box too.
Thomson DVT1100 (£99 Argos)/Grundig GRP6000 both have one too - good quality too :)
Forgot to add - includes a R2 DVD player (no region hack found yet :()
I have a Pace Twin but this for another room and I do not want to spent that much
Go for a Pioneer £100 freeview box and use a scart to svideo cable - that's what I did - good results
Which Pioneers? The one fron R Sounds Pioneer DBRTF100GB
Reading the manual for the Pioneer DBRTF100GB it seems that both scarts are S-Video enabled.

This would allow me to watch on the TV via RGB and the PJ via S_Video. Do you think I will notice an improvement over composite which is what I am using at the mo with my pace box?

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