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i have recently obtained a panny 830 svhs, and when i shortly move house will make the jump to sky +.

What is the best way of connecting this and my dvd palyer to my panny pl1 28" widescreen tv. my intial thought is to link the dvd player through the sky box to tv rgb and vid to av2 svhs.

now if i do this and connect sky+ via svhs out to video for archiving to tape mainly for my dughters cartoons (so it does not fill up the harddrive and she can take to grannys!!!!), will i still get rgb to tv or does sky+ default to svhs out?

sky+will become the main stay for recording so dont intend to tape that much but as the macro is disabled on the dvd it can be useful to tape off this now and again.

dont want to go down the dvd recorder route as a:it dont do 5.1 yet and b:my daughter as tapes that she takes with her to grannys????:confused: :confused:


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Just seen this post while browsing through the forum:)

SKY+ will output RGB on the TV scart if it is set to do so, at the same time the s-video will also carry the video.
You can not of course send one video stream through the scart and a different one through the s-video, SKY+ has only a single decoder so it'll only output one video stream at a time.

You've probably sorted the issue out yourself while waiting for a reply:)


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Just a practical point (which may not effect new versions of the Sky+ box) - if you use high quality/heavy duty Scart cables then you'll find it difficult to connect the Audio outputs that pair the S-Video socket at the same time as having an Scart in the RGB socket. The only way around this is to use a 'straight out' Scart on the TV Scart socket. This 'problem' might have been resolved on the new Sky+ models though.


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Had the same problem myself with the audio phonos. I was using cheap leads to connect back to my PC for archiving, and the scart kept coming free. I cut back the plastic sheething on the plugs to enable the cable to bend more. I even looked for angled phono leads, and/or right angle adapters.

Eventually, during a re-wire of the back of the cabinet I found that it was the way I had the scart routed was putting more pressure on the socket that the audio plugs. A couple of cable ties later and hey presto, no more problem. I've even changed the phons to full size (plastic) plugs.

I guess it would by more of a problem with top end phono leads / plugs.

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