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I’m looking at the best way of outputting a dvd and tv signal from my soon to be built Shuttle HTPC.

To start with I will be outputing to a 100hz CRT until I can afford a decent LCD. From what I’ve read, using the Svhs output on the Radeon 9100 graphics chip embedded on the Shuttles Motherboard will not give the best picture since the dvd and/or TV signal is deinterlaced/ upscaled by the PC and then the reverse is done by the TV.

I have read about the Xcard which outputs DVD (not sure about TV signal) direct to Svhs without any maninupltion, so I would be happy to get one of these if this solves the problem givving near standalone DVD player quality, and if it is AGP.

My other idea was to use a PC to TV convertor which connects to the vga output and effectively acts as a scan convertor to allow the signal to be viewed on the TV. Just a bit sceptical of the picture quality of a plug in convertor, although they do output to svhs and YPbPr.

So will the Xcard give me the quality I'm after till I get a LCD ( I'm only using a PS2 with RGB output at the mo to view DVDs)

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The Xcard will give you the best/easiest output to your TV for DVD playback and other media files. It also has an optional RGB scart output to plug directly in to your TV. However, it is not a graphics card in the usual sense, you do not get a desktop display on the TV screen, only the media file being played back.
Your desktop functionality is displayed through your regular graphics card. We describe it in more detail on our faq

Therefore, as you need to be able to do everything through a single display (TV) on a temporary basis, then a Radeon with SVideo (assuming your TV supports it) will be best until you get a 'proper' PC display. To be honest though whether you will get a more enjoyable movie experience on an LCD display, unless it is very large, compared to a reasonable size CRT is debateable but it is all down to personal choice/requirements/space etc.

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I need the graphics on the tv aswell since i intend to use the PC also as a media player, so need to view menus etc, probably use Showshifter for this.

What I've thought about is a VGA to TV convertor, one that outputs to Svhs or RGB. This way the picture isn't getting scaled and interlaced twice and the degeredation that causes. This one looks the job, under £40. What do you think of this as an idea?

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Well, its all a bit academic really on a TV display, and you are going to need a Radeon card anyway for HTPC use, and they all pretty much come with an SVideo output. I would be tempted to see how you got on with that, or do a search on here for the Radeon RGB mod that people have done. This in conjunction with PowerStrip will give you the control that you want to get the picture just so.

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