SVHS and S-video



can someone explain to me the different between SVHS and S-video cable - on beginner's language please ?

Ian J

That's simple as the two are nothing to do with each other and there is no such thing as an SVHS cable.

SVHS is a hiband VHS system which is superior to standard VHS whilst s-video is one method of outputting video signals along with Component, RGB and Component Video.

Confusion seems to arise with the terminology and many people say SVHS when they really mean s-video.

Much more in depth explanations are possible but you did ask for beginner's language ;)

Ian J

Originally posted by didgit
so are you saying that svhs to scart cable are really s-video to scart ?
Yes - I have looked at the Ebay ad and it definately sayd SVHS to Scart on the box but having checked the website of they don't classify anything that way as it is s-video to scart there.


the other confusion comes from the fact that most SVHS video recorders have an s-video output unlike standard VHS ones.
(I think I got that the right way round)

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