SVCD TEST PATTERNS [*Pics inside*]

Do you have the BLUE ISSUE in your FX68?

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I created a Super Video CD with some test patterns hope can help in set-up of your TVs. One pic is the same I used in this forum finding the "FX68 blue smearing" issue you can find here.

I post here pics of the problem and some thumb of my disc. I wish some FX68 owner can download the SVCD and test with me if problem is present using the same image I used here.

Full thumbs are available at this link. There you can find instructions for download the .nrg image file.

My only care is you can use my tool for help your self-calibration, my target a large-user test with same source, finding if my issue is common or not. BTW all images are not mine, are just found in web.

Thank you for interesting.

some thumbs:

my defect:



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I must point out that there is a great risk when using test images from the web or created in software like DisplayMate, as they may not be correct and take aspects such as overscan into account. The Philips pattern for instance, is completely wrong in every aspect (I saw it before and know it's pretty much the only one to be found on the net. If you want, I can give you one that I made myself and that will be almost exactly to spec).

Also remember that the color subsampling in SVCD (and DVD Video) causes some bleeding and aliasing.

But it's a good initiative, nonetheless. :)


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I hope my disc was useful, but I still don't know what kind of issue my FX68 has, and if someone noticed it on my test pattern.
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