Suv-titles, deafness and recorders



If I watch a TV broadcast with speech, it means little to me without the subtitles.

Can anyone recommend a good buy to go with a Sony Bravia S to record off-air (i.e. not what we are watching) on HD or DVD that will also record the live speech-to-words sub titles?

When I asked the question in the Sony Centre, there was obviously a confusion bewteen sub-titles=live speech-to-words on the screen and foreign language translations.

(Originally posted under "loudspeakers"! Senile as well as deaf;- the knees will go next!)


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Completely useless info but i remember the first Panasonic VHS that could record subtitles. They put it on their top of the range STEREO machine that was £300plus when their mono machine was about £100. I'm sure there was a reason, but i couldn't believe it!

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