surround system recommendations, around £300-£350


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Hi, firstly I'd like to say what great forums these are with a wealth of information, I've been popping back regularly when it has been time to buy something but this is the first time I have had to post :)

I found a topic similar to mine from January last year but as time goes on, things change so I thought I would ask again, sorry :/

I require some recommendations for an entry level surround 5.1/6.1 DD cinema system around the £300 to £350 mark.

What am I after?
-Ideally 2 optical inputs or 1 optical and 1 digital coaxial (for connecting sky digibox and a dvd player)
-If there is an integrated dvd player: 1 optical input will suffice and has component video output.
-Enough power to fill a room 15 feet by 13feet with a wall missing (through-lounge lol)
Floor standing or small speakers, no preference :)

What have I looked at?
I've seen the Sony HT-SL500 which had the connectivity required and was £279.99 in Comet (http://***********/56t4n), further googling revealed it as low as £209 with the reputation of the e-tailer to be checked out. Online prices like this would allow for a better system, but I am stumped due to the lack of detailed information between sites and the limited range shown on Sony UK's site.

Is the 60watts per speaker from the Sony HT-SL500 sufficient to fill the room specified or is it severely underpowered?
Does anyone know of anything similar?

[edit] I found an e-tailer, ss electricals, offering the DAV-SR3 (http://***********/5tb3j) if i stretch to £370 including devliery, it has 1 digital input and component video out. More power on this one with 110 watts x5 and 200 watts for the sub.

please provide me with your opinions and advice :)
Many thanks in advance :)


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Ok, I'll be the first to say it...The Denon DHT500SD is only £50 more than your budget. It is arguably the best available atm. It matches your requirements and more. 100 watts times 6 should fill your room just fine :)


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hi hi, thanks for the reply! I can stretch just that little bit more for this, I have just seen the spec and downloaded the manual from the Denon site. My mind is made up, I did not know something so impressive was around for such a price! Are there any retailers you recommend in particular for this unit?


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I bought mine from Peter Tyson, impressed with price and service. You could probably shave a (very) few quid of somewhere else but the after sales has been excellent.

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Another thumbs up for Peter Tyson.
Great "next day" service and really helpful if you do have any queries or problems.


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another satisfied customer :D
thanks guys, got my system today and got it all setup, an amzing buy, i was dumbfounded at the connection options, performance and quality of the unit, and to think i could have ended up with something much worse.

Thanks again all :) Back to the movies :) :clap:

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