Surround speakers cable recommendation?


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So I have a pair of these back/surround/dipole speakers: B&W DS6 S3.
I plan to run the cables from the amp into the attic, the length of the lounge and then down behind our seating area (where the speakers are wall mounted).
The distance is roughly 10+ meters (so 32+ feet) from the amp to each speaker. (that measurement includes up and down the wall too).
I'm happy with bared wire ends (but I understand round pins (up to 5mm) or banana plugs (4mm) will also work).

What I am looking for are some affordable, but decent quality, cables - maybe something in white or something I could paint up to match the lounge wall color.

I have come across this on Amazon, but wanted to get an opinion before I order anything:


And plenty more on Amazon.

I'm looking for advise and recommendations around the cables for these 2 surround speakers.
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With that length of run I would go with the 14 guage or 2.5mm.

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