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Hi, new to all this and in need of advice. I've just bought a 50" plasma and need a surround speaker setup and amp to go with it. The room is 25" x 11", movie viewing main criteria.

Any real benefit to getting 6.1 or 7.1 at this stage?

A setup including a DVD player for less than a £1000 would be a good place to start;)

Mordaunt Short Premiere Plus look interesting.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

Ed Selley

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If you are indeed interested in the Premiere plus (and why not?:) ) then the following would probably work pretty nicely.
EDIT Whilst I am aware that Peter Tyson are doing older Prem+ for £310 odd, I have included the new one for this example.
MS Premiere plus £500
Marantz SR5400 £300 odd (possibly a little less) or Yamaha 640 £270+ Both fine amps with component switching that could come in handy for that Plasma of yours
Then possibly the Yamaha DVD540, Marantz DV4300 or a host of other PAL progressive scan DVD's available for under £200. If you have DVI, the Samsung 935 is well worth a look as well.


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Thanks for that Tons of Fun. The plasma is a Pioneer 503MXE with the 5002 board which has a DVI input. I saw the bundle at Peter Tyson which had MS prem plus, SR4400 & DV4300 for £650. There was a suggestion the SR4400 might be under powered, so SR5400 or even 7400 may be better.

Not totally clued up on component switching yet, but this forum makes fascinating reading. I'm hooked:smashin:


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I see you continue your speaker search on this department ;p

You mentioned that your sofa is against the wall, since you have a very long room, are there any possibilities to move it out from the wall? As the benefits of 7.1 decreases dramatically if there are no space between you and the speakers, as the rear sound should blend in to the soundfield rather be next to you. But again more about it is on these threads below.

Apart from waiting for members to say whether it is worth 6.1 or 7.1, Here are a few longer threads about 5.1 vs 7.1.
I think assuming you have a decent amp a 7.1 will be worth it and I think majority will support the 7.1 question here, in particular when you have the space.




The petertyson offer is very good indeed! Also a pair of extra speakers are only 100pounds at Richersounds, compared with 120 at petertyson. Total cost is 410 for a good 7.1 set up!

Regarding dvd player, I suggest you put a question at the dvd department ;p . Are you going to take advantage of the DVI?

'm still favoring Momitsu/Brainwave or Yamakawa over Samsung 935 as it stutters in pans on as it it doesn't support 720p in 50hz Pal sources. Also their firmware can be upgraded, hence, problems are ironed out as well as improvements. All 3 can had for under 150pound.

For the amp, if you intend to use a Sky box, then I favour the
very new Yamaha RX-V650, despite not being tested yet. It has plenty of power, as well as audio-delay adjustment as many many plasma owners suffers from lipsync problems when watching from skybox. And it has a basic version of automatic room calibration. It is by far the cheapest amp with audio delay (hopefully discounting should start as soon as the big etailers starts stocking them). Yamaha now cost 460

So far 1020pounds, and add 100-130 pounds for cables and interconnects and you are only around 150 over the budget.

I think this is a good combination that will last you long time.



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Thanks very much for that Wasabi, just the sort of useful information I've been after :) It's good to see similarities between your post and that of Tons of Fun - I just need time to research the forum a bit more and to check out prices.

I already have a pair of Eltax floor standing LR6.5s, so I may try to incorporate these at the front. The sofa can move slightly forward but not much because of the fireplace.

Next quest is to find the DVD player - off to the DVD section.... I wasn't sure about posting similar questions in different areas, but as each area is specific it was hard not too! I may also consider a DVD recorder and phase out the VCR...just a thought.

I've read about the lip synch problems, so the Yamaha seems a good bet, but I've not yet decided on Sky or NTL or Freeview.

Once again, thanks for the help and I'll post back when I've made the choice. I'm still in awe at the quality of the Pioneer plasma fed from a basic Scart conversion from a borrowed Freeview box:)


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It might be better to sell the Eltax speakers or to achieve total tonal cohesion you will need to buy an Eltax centre and the surrounds can be any make then as long as all the surrounds are the same manufacturer.


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I'd not thought of selling the LR6.5s, but had considered using them to make a 7.1 setup with a suitable amp. But as you say there's the tonal cohesion bit to consider. I've just been to Ikea and bought some 'furniture' to seat the plasma, so things are coming together slowly. Three Kaxas units in dark grey for £17 each with tempered glass doors. The colour match is excellent, or at least it looked that way at midnight !! :)

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