Surround speaker volume (possible problem).


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Hello all
I was just wondering whether anyone else has experienced this.

I have a 5.1 speaker configuration. All speakers have been calibrated to 80db using an spl metre.

However, when i watch film/show which contains some surround content the volume of the left surrond speaker is much louder than the volume of the right surround speaker :confused:

Would this indicate a problem with this channel?
If there were a problem with this channel, output from it when i run the test tones, or would it only manifest itself during normal operation.

The receiver is a Pioneer AX5AI BTW

Any help will be greatly appreciated:smashin:


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Probably a stupid idea on my part but is the balance ok on the amp??



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Probably a stupid idea on my part but is the balance ok on the amp??


No problem

there is no balance setting on the receiver. The auto setup calculates the correct speaker distance/delay.
I have also manualy measured the distance.

Cheers :smashin:


This isn't an unusual problem. Strangely, on all the setups I have come across with this symptom it seems to be the left louder than the right. Also, for some strange reason a lot of directors like to have spaceships or helicopters fly off/in rear left, giving bias to to that side.

You really need to get hold of Digital Video Essentials (DVE) which outputs the white/pink noise. That way you are dealing with the same sound source as your DVD's, not the internal noise generated by the amp.

Finally, set it up to what sounds good to you as there are so many variables that even the best of the auto systems can't cope with. If it means tweaking up the right rear to make it sound right, that's OK.

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