Surround speaker stands?


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Hi guys,

I am going to buy new surround speakers for a 5.1 setup - pretty set on the MA 903s or possibly mission m3ds. Now ideally I would like to wall mount them but I live in a rented flat and am a bit wary about drilling holes into a pristine wall. Does anyone know of any (preferably cheapish) stands that would be suitable for the job? They would have to be fairly high (at least a metre really)....

Alternatively does anyone know how I could wall mount them without drilling holes/leaving marks so I can get my deposit back!!

I would also be interested in knowing an alternative way of mounting the Mission M3DS Bipoles, as they are currently sitting on table tops whilst I figure out what to do with them.

I am very tempted to just get the drill out :D

BTW: The Mission M3DS's are available for £49.95, here! Half the price of the MS 903's.
Which may help your decision on which to get.

EDIT: Due to the shape of the MS 903's you could probably just use any old speaker stands and they would look fine. The flat design of the Mission M3DS's means they may look a little stupid sitting on top of a standard stand; they really are designed for wall mounting.


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Is there much difference between the Mission M3DS and M3DSi? Worth the extra £100 for the i?

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