Surround speaker placement splitting Left surround in to two possible?


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Hi, Have a new house I am moving in to and I am left with a hard question regarding my surrounds and placement.
Long story short as there is no other way the room will work with my sofa ect, It's going to be going under a staircase and although it's a huge corner sofa the stairs are in the corner of the room so I do not have the conner or height thus I am not able to have the speakers inline to some/the main seating positions but I can for the people around that area under the stairs.
So I was wondering if it's possible to split the left surround to a identical speaker and have two working together in two slightly different positions one set forward and one on the side of the stairs for the rest of the sofa section.
Could this work....


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Hi, I have split my left and right into two speakers due to having two rows and two levels. They are only less than a metre away from their partner. They are in series, not parallel to ensure compatible with my amp.

How far apart are they going to be? And how far is the nearest channel, ie surround back?

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